Education Program

We at Hilton Pre- primary offer the National curriculum which is Implemented as CAPS. We embrace learning through play as a fundamental icon of our teaching approach. Our staff provide the equipment and facilitate the opportunity to make the children’s day innovative and exciting. We attend workshops that are offered every term and we are members of the Foundation Phase forum which we are proud to tell you is the only one of its kind still operating in Kwazulu-Natal.

We offer a structured teacher directed and free choice play periods to promote language development, concept formation, pre-reading, writing and math’s skills, problem solving, social skills confidence and a host of other life skills. All lessons are age appropriate and consist of the following areas:

Music: We at Hilton pre-primary follow a music programme written by Anet Le Roux and Janice Robertson written to nurture the development of music from three years old to six years old. This is a uniquely South African music programme incorporating both Afrikaans and other relevant African languages. They believe that a significant window of opportunity for learning through music presents itself during the early years and it has been their ambition to harness the educational possibilities of this age. For more information, visit

Developmental Play: We do lessons to promote muscular control and tone and co-ordination while building up concepts like body image, eye-hand co-ordination, eye- foot co-ordination, balance, large muscle development and fine muscle control, climbing skills.

Expressive movement and dance: Children learn how their body moves in relation to other individuals and groups and express themselves rhythmically through different techniques and using different formats.
Drama: In drama lessons children learn to dramatize stories events and other emotional experiences. In fantasy they are able to role play; act out emotions that they might not be able to act out in the real world. Drama focuses on the communication of ideas and feelings through words, sounds, actions and role play.

Object studies: Developing children’s ability to analyze whilst examining familiar objects. Developing an intrinsic understanding of language used in different concepts while extending their ability to express themselves is an important life skill learned at this level.

Stories and puppet shows and teacher plays: Teachers enjoy this part of the day the most when they can let their inner child loose and create stories with books, charts, flannel boards and also puppets. This is a further opportunity to develop and nurture a love of literature and an opportunity to extend language skills in an enjoyable experience.

Active learning is encouraged at Hilton Pre-primary and children are encouraged to explore and learn in a whole variety of ways using the five senses, working with real objects, playing educational games, interpreting pictures and expressing learned concepts through artwork.